How do I GreenPark?

It’s all about picking winners and losers.
Everything starts with the Prediction Game! Use the phone (bottom purple icon), the map, or just run over to the top left of the map to get your picks in!

Make Your Picks!
Tap on an upcoming match tile in the schedule. You'll get 6 predictions to make picks on. Make your call, take a look at the "Wisdom of the Crowd" if you want to go along with them : ) Once you're picks are made, you can add Hype to your picks for bonuses - based on how confident you are about each of them.

  • You can always make predictions for your team, but you can spend tickets to make predictions for extra games to earn more rewards.

  • While you wait for the results, you can head over to the Arcade on the right or open the Map in your phone to instantly start playing the Dance Battle. Any fan itching to earn some extra rewards can always dance their way to victory.

  • Gather around the Jumbotron on game day to cheer, heckle, and to celebrate your winnings.

  • Use extra cards from Card Packs and your coins to upgrade your card collection to win more from your next predictions!

Useful Terms

What is my profile?

The Profile is your personal headquarters within GreenPark, where you can see the gear and cards that you’ve earned as well as a set of stickers to send your friends. Your profile is also where you can customize your Greenie and level up your cards.

What is a Greenie?

Your Greenie embodies your fandom and represents you in the world of GreenPark.  Each player has their own unique Greenie that they can customize.  Customize your Greenie to represent your inner Fan in your Profile!

What is Fanergy?

Fanergy is your measure of Fandom in GreenPark!  Earn Fanergy by playing the Prediction Game and the Dance Battler.  Accumulate Fanergy for your team to top the Leaderboards!

What should I do?

Each week your goal is to make your picks in the Prediction Game. During the regular season, you get 7 tickets a week for the LCS. Each entry to the prediction game costs 1 ticket, and games that your favorite team is playing in are free! Maximize your rewards by playing as many games as possible each week. Once you’ve completed your picks, try your hand at the Dance Battle mini game to earn even more Fanergy.‌

What is Hype?

Each Prediction Game match, you’ll have 20 Hype to assign across your 6 predictions - up to 5 Hype per prediction.  Hype gives you a bonus multiplier on any Fanergy you earn on that prediction - assign them wisely to maximize your Fanergy!

Player Cards

You use Player Cards in the Prediction Game to make Player Predictions.  You get Player Cards by opening Card Packs, which you win from the prediction game. The better you do in the prediction game, the better your card pack. Collect copies of a player card to level it up. The higher the level of the card, the more Fanergy you get when you win with it!


Earn Lockers from the Fanergy Rewards Path or from Cred level rewards.  Lockers contain Gear. The higher the quality of the locker, the more gear you’ll find inside.‌

What is Merch and how do I get it?

Merch is bought gear to add some swag to your Greenie. There are various items for sale each day that can be bought to help you style your Greenie however you see fit. To earn coins, which you use to purchase the Merch, you need to win at the prediction game, play the Dance Battle, or earn Fanergy Reward Path and Cred level rewards.‌

How do I make my Greenie wave?

To make your Greenie wave, dance, cry, and interact with other Greenies you can tap on the Greenie to bring up a list of actions to take. They are most useful when running by other Greenies or taking a screenshot.‌‌

Anything else I should know?

SHARE your Greenie! The world, aka social media, would love to see what you've created. Screenshot your Greenie and share on social media using the hashtag #MyGreenie while also mentioning @GreenParkSports and receive a fun in-game reward!‌