Getting Started

Welcome to GreenPark! 

How Do I GreenPark?

Your goal in GreenPark is to prove that YOU are the most valuable fan for your team. How, you might ask? By competing against rival fans using your skill, recall and the ability to predict what will happen when teams go head to head.

The better you perform, the more Fanergy you win, and the more Fanergy you win, the higher on the Leaderboard you climb. Fanergy is the lifeblood of GreenPark. It is what determines the winners, the losers, and is how you win awesome prizes and rewards as you progress in GreenPark.

How to Compete, Win Fanergy and Level Up

Pick Em' Challenge

1) Before the start of a real life game, head over to the “Picks” station to the left of the WatchParty and Merch Cart. Keep a lookout for signs that say “Picks” to help guide the way. Once you find the booth, walk through the door and a full schedule of games will appear. These are the games you can make predictions about.

GreenPark Picks Station

Another way to play the Pick Em’ Challenge is to simply click the league icon at the bottom of the screen.

League Button Highlighted in Pink

A mini schedule of upcoming games is provided and you can easily click into the full schedule view from there.

2) After you’ve chosen a game you want to make predictions about, use a ticket to enter and predict away! If you need some help deciding, the “Wisdom of the Crowd” percentages show what other players are predicting. And keep an eye on the tips from Foamie (the hand at the bottom of the screen). They are super helpful!

3) Once you’ve made all your predictions, hype the ones you feel most confident in to maximize the potential Fanergy you might win!

Hype Up Your Picks

4) That's it! Once a game starts you can join the WatchParty for that match to watch real time updates and monitor the status of your predictions!

All About Rewards

At the top of the screen in any WatchParty or Schedule you can view all of the cash and prizes you’ve earned through your epic fandom. From left to right you’ll see:

Fanergy Rewards Path
Fanergy Rewards

Check your progress on the Fanergy rewards path here and see how much Fanergy you need to accumulate to get to the next level and unlock your next reward.

Fanergy Rewards Path
GP Coins
GP Coins

This is how much GP Coin you’ve earned or currently have. GP Coin are used to buy stuff (like awesome gear for your Greenie) and to level up your cards so you can win more Fanergy in the Pick Em’ Challenge.


Gems are the key to unlocking some of the coolest stuff available in GreenPark. To get the REALLY awesome gear you’ll need to get those gems!


Your Cred level measures your activity in GreenPark and participation as a fan. The higher your Cred, the more legit you are, and the more legit you are, the sweeter the rewards you earn.

Skill Rating

For each league you participate in, when you visit the Fan Profile Page (“Me” tab from the schedule pop-up) you’ll see your skill rating.

This shows your skills when it comes to our Pick Em’ Challenge. Start off as a Follower, climb the leaderboard, and reach Champion Status.

Most Importantly...Have Fun!

GreenPark was created by fans for fans. We strive to create an experience that highlights the passion, creativity, and heart that represents the best in sports fans everywhere. So hop in the park, talk sports, make friends, and remember to have fun!

May The Best Fans Win!™