Need a hand with GreenPark in Early Access?

Welcome to Early Access!

We’re in the very early stages here at GreenPark. Expect some things to be broken. Expect many more new features to come online as soon as possible. Please feel free to give us any and all feedback about your experience in the game. You can contact us on Discord or email us directly at

Getting Started Guide

If you're new to GreenPark and you need some quick guidance, hop over to our guide to get the coaching you crave!

GreenPark "Getting Started" Guide

Important Note:

At the end of Early Access, you will keep your player name and any Founder’s Gear you’ve earned. We will reset your scores, progression, and the rest of your inventory in order to level the playing field for the official release. Don’t worry, you’ll also keep all of the experience and skill you've gained in Early Access to help you crush those newbie Fans!

What is GreenPark Sports?

GreenPark is a virtual world for esports and sports fans. To start, we have focused on serving the fans of LCS and NBA with the Watch Party environment and Dance Battle mini-game. As we build The Park, we will integrate more fan spaces and games to compete and share in the fandom of many of the world's biggest leagues, which will include LaLiga soon!

How do I get started?

To get started for GreenPark Sports all you need to do is download the app from the iPhone App Store or the Google Play Store.

What is a Greenie?

Your Greenie avatar embodies your fandom and represents you in the world of GreenPark. Customize your Greenie in your profile to represent your inner Fan!

What does the LCS device at the bottom of my screen do?

This is your Greenie's Phone! Quickly view the the most important events of the day or navigate to your profile to view your card and sticker collections, or update your Greenie with a new look. You can also access this Help page, update settings, or invite friends to GreenPark!

The app is frozen on the loading screen, how do I fix it?

If the app is frozen or you get stuck somewhere you will need to close and quit the app. If you are still having issues we recommend you delete the app and reinstall. If issues still persist please contact

Where is my  activation code?

This can take a couple of minutes. In the meantime, check to make sure you entered the right email address, but if you’re sure you’ve waited long enough and resending the code also isn’t working, please contact

Can I change my favorite team after signing up?

We plan on allowing this in the future, but for Early Access we aren’t yet able to support changing your favorite team.