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What is GreenPark?

GreenPark is a colorful virtual world for sports fans.  Over time, we’ll be adding different areas to GreenPark for different sports and leagues, where you can play games, compete and enjoy sports together with other fans. In our current Early Access build, GreenPark is focused on serving fans of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and “LCS Land” is the only part of GreenPark accessible to users for now.

How do I play?

To start you need to signup on our website and save your spot on our waiting list. Once you have signed up, GreenPark Sports will email you an activation code once your spot in line has been activated. When you receive the email please follow the instructions.

I am in the game. What am I supposed to do?

Get suited up. Customize your Greenie with gear, bodypaint, and other attributes. Explore the Lands of GreenPark, connect with other superfans, join a watch party if there's a match going on. Check the jumbotron.

You can hit the lounge if you want to make some predictions on some upcoming matches. If you're right, you can win some rewards. Or, hop into a Dance Battle. In Greenpark, the top fan team every week gets big, big prizes. To make sure you're on top, generate as much energy as you can in GreenPark. It'll pay off.

What is a Greenie?

A Greenie is your avatar. It represents your "inner SuperFan," where the power of sports lives within you. Not everyone's seen their inner power of sports fandom. Now's your chance to embrace it! We call'em Greenies - because when we discovered this parallel supersportsfandom world, that's what color these little creatures were.

What is a GreenPark (super)fan?

Anyone who plays GreenPark is a SuperFan. Players, or fans - are drafted by their favorite teams to generate that fan energy to keep them on top of the weekly standings.

What does the phone/logo at the bottom of the screen do?

If you're in a GreenPark Land - like LCS Land, the icon at the bottom of the screen is your Greenie Phone. This is your shortcut to GreenPark maps, help, access to your Fan Cave, and checking in on your progress.

What is Early Access?

We are making GreenPark better every day. Right now, not all of the features of the park are up and running. So, we're partnering with you, the fans, to help us test out the park before everything's ready. We want to know what you think about what's here so far, and what you'd like to see going forward - and, since we're under heavy construction, we want to help fix the stuff that's broken. Join us in Discord to participate as an Early Access player.

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